Should Your Dog Be Shedding?


Do you happen to have furry friend who leaves a trail of fur behind him every time he gets up from some place? Although our adorable little goof balls are too cute and irresistible to love, their hair fall problems can be quite messy and a little bit exhilarating most of the times, especially when it gets to the point where he gets hair on the items around the house. Certainly it gets a bit ridiculous whenever you get hair all over you all time and every time you would want to play around or pet him you have to think twice because of this very reason. Click here for more information on non shedding dog breeds.

Fortunately, there are a lot of dog owners out there that do not have to deal with these types of problems at all, these are owners who especially chose to have dog breeds that don’t shed. There are dog breeds that are naturally non shedding, types of these include the Shih Tzus, Schauzers, Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles. The pet owners of some breeds of dogs are also unfortunately having to deal with the issue of fur shedding simply because of the fact that they are short haird, these dogs would include labradors, shepherds, retrievers and collies,

Although this is a bit a hassle for the shedding dog owners, there is still a positive sense in the way that dogs will not be shedding for the whole year entirely. It is actually just more prone of them to grow thick and long fur coating during the really cold times of the year, this is to ensure they naturally keep them selves warm. When the season finally warms up a little, that is the time that they naturally begin to shed off these the extra layer of thick coat that is to be able to keep cool during the hot sunny days. If you have ever worried about your little fur-ball being sick because it is going through shedding then you definitely do not have to worry any more because it is a hundred percent normal and really it is good for them because it enables them to regulate their body temperature in accordance to the kind of weather that there is during the season.While this is true, it is still not normal for them to have severe shedding especially not when they do not really need it such as during seasons of fall and spring, it might be good for them to get a check up to their vet. Find some low shedding dogs by clicking here.

It is actually smart to have your pet get a vet check up if this does happen since severe shedding is never a good thing and it can definitely be a sign that something is not right or that your pet is unhealthy. It is best to keep a constant tab on their health status at all times.